Thursday, February 11, 2010

So much to say, so little space..

Wow! So the last time I "blogged" it was in June of 2009! I don't know how I stayed away! (Haha) I wish I would have just "blogged" everyday last year because now I feel like I want to tell you all my life story! I unfortunately cannot share everything that happened between last June and now because my fingers would either fall off or my computer would just go crazy! I also wish I could share ALL the pictures I have taken since then, because you all know I take ((TONS)) of pictures! I will share some "results" that have taken place in my bedroom since I last blogged and maybe a few other pictures too! It will be just so hard to choose! Last summer was just crazy, was so busy all the time! I started out my sophomore year in August at Edmond Memorial, and by the second week.. I was out and homeschooling! Homeschooling has done wonders, and I love it! My grades have raised.. The teachers are SO much better (my school is on DVD)! I plan on graduating early, I have two careers that I CANNOT decide between! First: Elemetary Education, I would love to either teach Kindergarten or First grade! Second Choice: Dental Hygienist! I have alot of time to think about that, but still need to keep it in my mind.. It will come sooner than I think! God has opened my eyes to so many things in just the passed year, He has always been present in my life but it seems like now He is even more present! Thanks for taking time to read! I will be back again to blog more!

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misty said...

I need to start blogging again too! Just not sure how to start up again... where to start?!?! ha

You are a beautiful girl... inside & out. I am so happy to read that you are loving home school & that you have your future narrowed down. Keep trusting God, seeking Him & He will let you know which path to go down. You will do great at both because you're such a fun person to be around.

I love & miss you!